Outsourcing is the fact of delegating the management, the security, the exploitation, and the optimization of your computer system to a service provider external to your company, in this case, CBlue.

You are here because:

  • You have a GNU/Linux server but do not have the time and/or the skills to manage it permanently.
  • This server is used for applications, important web products that cannot be down.
  • You do not want to migrate the services hosted on this server to another infrastructure.
  • You do not have a backup solution, or you have no idea of its proper functioning.
  • You need to be alerted of any outages before your customers notice them.
  • You have no visibility into the server's load and its ability to handle future usage.

What services do we offer?

A complete audit of your infrastructure.

A complete update if necessary, during the audit. The updates will then be permanent.

Implementation of a permanent availability monitoring system, alerting by SMS and email.

In case the server is victim of an attack, we limit and block the attack. We identify its origins, its possible impacts, and the correction of its effects.

Monitoring the load of your server and setting up graphs.

The implementation of a backup solution keeping 200GB of data for many months (depending on the remote backup policy).

A complete team available by email and phone to deal with urgent problems.

What do you have to do to implement the solution?

  • At the end of the audit of your server, we will contact you in order to detail our results and decide together on the next steps to take.
  • Provide us with root access to the server or install our public SSH keys. This SSH access should not require a VPN connection.

What guarantees?

  • Update

    Your server is updated within 24 hours in case of a security problem.

  • Availability

    Our team is available for all your problems, during office hours by email and phone. They are also available for all your blocking problems by phone 24/7.

  • Service Level Agreement (SLA)

    Unless the server is hosted on our infrastructure, CBlue cannot guarantee the proper functioning of the hardware, power, network, etc. There is no guarantee of service at this level.

Our hosting and consulting conditions apply. Feel free to consult them for more details: Conditions - CBlue

And technically?

  • The administration of the server is done by SSH. If necessary, an OpenVPN tunnel is set up to facilitate monitoring.
  • The monitoring of availability is carried out thanks to Nagios/Shinken. As for the performance monitoring, it is carried out thanks to Collectd.
  • Backups are performed using the BackupPC tool.

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